pofileA Familiar Experience

If you use Facebook (and even if you don’t), you’ll feel right at home using the site. Post to your “wall” so neighbors can see what you’ve been up to. Check your News Feed to see what your friends and neighborhood groups are doing. Customize your preferences to get only the emails and notifications you care to see.

boardsJoin the Conversation

Use the message boards to start new topics, ask questions, rant and rave, buy and sell things, etc. Subscribe to get email updates from only the boards that interest you so you never miss something.

eventsNever Miss an Event

Always know what’s coming up on the Old Trail calendar, whether it’s an important board meeting or a big cookout with your neighbhors.

groupsConnect With Neighborhood Groups

Get updates right in your news feed (and by email if preferred) from the Community Garden club, the Social Committee, Trails and Tails, the Architectural Review Board, and also connect with the Old Trail Merchants for updates and specials.

vendorsGet and Give Recommendations

Many of us used to rely on the now defunct Crozet Market website when looking for a contractor, handyman, dentist, whatever… Instead of asking everyone for a referral, just head over to the Vendors page and see who people use and recommend, rate them, leave comments, or submit your own recommendations.